Introducing: SLOcoaches to Level Up Your Reliability Game

Posted by Mike Lauricella on May 17, 2021

It’s been nine weeks since my first blog From Agile Coach to SLOCoach – a fitting number for a Nobl9 follow up blog.  

What’s a SLOcoach?

From the blog “SLO coaches can help cross-functional teams discuss and move the business/technical feedback loop towards rational and systematic thinking. Using SLOs to translate business needs and the needs of engineers can drive improvement over time. This balances the tradeoff between delivering features to serve customers and fixing technical debt.”

Who Are the New SLOcoaches?

Today, the first day of the first ever SLOconf, we are excited to announce that Nobl9 has identified 10 fine companies that have a strong SLOcoaching foundation and focus. All of these amazing companies are helping customers run their software at scale. They are hands-on consultancies providing best practices, guidance and tools to enable their clients to run more reliably, continue to innovate with confidence, and simply delight their customers:

What’s even more exciting is to see a host of companies that have had amazing success as agile coaches embrace this transition and see the opportunity impact their customers in another meaningful way. Among our SLOcoaches, several are some of the world’s top agile coaches: CPrime, Isos Technology, Addteq, and 6kites.  

SLOcoaches will lead the next wave of cloud innovation and drive best practices throughout an entire organization and this is just the starting point.

“The goal of Cprime is to transform companies. Core to this has been and is helping customers create and build great software,” said Zubin Irani, CEO of CPrime. “To complete this transformation we are increasingly focused on helping companies run their cloud, we do this through site reliability training as well as enabling companies with the proper tools.”

And the major consultancies are seeing a major opportunity in this area as well.  Accenture has joined the SLOcoaching ranks and has a very mature and rapidly growing practice around all things site reliability. 

The Next Big Thing

SLOcoaches will lead the next wave of cloud innovation and drive best practices throughout an entire organization and this is just the starting point.  SLOcoaches help companies address the fact that perfection is not needed and impossible to obtain – the focus needs to be on what’s good enough. And this applies to any industry and any team. SLOs are the tools that help define success and we are excited our SLOcoaches are embracing Nobl9 as the SLO platform of choice. 

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