Kit Merker, Brian Singer, and Alex Nauda of Nobl9 recently contributed to the new O’Reilly book titled, “97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know.” They contributed a chapter that provides a quick and straightforward introduction to creating and managing service level objectives (SLOs).

The chapter (#44), titled “The Basics of Service-Level Objectives,” begins with an overview of reliability, customer happiness, error budgets, and the concept of “nines.”  The chapter addresses all the reasons why well-designed SLOs are a cloud engineer’s best friend. SLOs protect customer happiness, deliver business impact, and serve as a common language between the organization’s business and technical stakeholders.

This is the third O’Reilly publication that the Nobl9 technical team has contributed to. Check out Alex Hidalgo’s book, “Implementing Service Level Objectives,” as well as “97 Things Every SRE Should Know,” to which he contributed three chapters.

Use the interface on the right to download our chapter, compliments of Nobl9. If you like what you’re reading, pick up your copy of “97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know,” and let us know what you think on Twitter.


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