Nobl9 and AppDynamics

SLO Driven Metrics to Align Business Teams

AppDynamics and Nobl9 offer an integrated approach to service reliability by adopting, measuring, and optimizing SLOs.

Application Driven SLIs

Nobl9 integrates with AppDynamics to collect specific SLI
metrics and measure them against business-justified SLO
targets—allowing customers to make the right trade offs
to consistently meet goals. The joint solution collects and
measures SLI metrics against your SLO targets to ensure
consistent reporting. To do this, Nobl9 calculates error
budgets of acceptable errors per service threshold and
will trigger emergency workflows and alerts in anticipation
of outages.

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User-centric Reliability

Across the world, companies are pioneering new approaches to reliability by adopting, measuring, and optimizing Service Level Objectives. However, these SLOs have become more than reliability goals, they directly reflect the end-users’ perspective and experience with a brand’s application. Now, reliability must encompass not only availability, but many other measurements such as quality, dependability, and responsiveness.

Business Alignment
Add business context to monitoring data that optimizes reliability and cost.
Standardize Practices
Define reliability goals, measure those goals, and improve services.
Enable Teams
Align activities against the priorities set by the error budget.

An Integrated Approach to Service Reliability

AppDynamics provides complete visibility across the technology stack by collecting metrics, to be used by Nobl9 as SLIs across applications. Nobl9 evaluates these metrics against reliability goals for those metrics, in the form of SLOs. Nobl9 provides real-time and historical SLO reports against the SLIs, thereby allowing customers to uncover bottlenecks, errors, and issues faster. Since Nobl9 calculates error budgets of acceptable thresholds, it can trigger workflows and alerts when the error burn rate is too high or has been exceeded. This gives customers the necessary warnings to fix issues before an SLO is violated.

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IT Operations Redefined

With these insights, businesses can make informed decisions based on real-time SLI and SLO data. For example, if you’ve burned all of your SLO error budget, you might decide to postpone a release that risks unplanned downtime or reallocate resources toward stability efforts. Or, if you find that you consistently have an error budget remaining, you could take more risks by releasing experimental features earlier, reducing servers, or upgrading cloud resources for your applications. Together, AppDynamics and Nobl9 provide a solution to transform and redefine
your IT operations

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